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Looking for a General Contractor Near Midland or Odessa, Texas? Trademark Builders has been transforming your living spaces into beautiful, functional, and personalized havens. In Midland and Odessa, Texas, a local “general contractor near me” is dedicated to making your dreams a reality. Let’s explore the range of our construction services that we offer and the importance of choosing the right general contractor for your construction and remodeling needs.
Summary • Our Midland General Contractors provide professional construction and remodeling services for homeowners throughout Midland County and The Permian Basin. • Professional installation services are available in Midland & Odessa TX to ensure successful completion of home additions, home remodels, outdoor kitchens, bathrooms, floors and more.


Trademark Builders, Midland’s General Contractors, a team of experienced general contractor professionals, provide a wide range of construction services to cater to your construction, renovation and remodeling needs. From kitchen and bathroom remodels to new home constructions, they’ve got you covered.

Our team’s primary business goal is to ensure that every project surpasses customer satisfaction, making them one of the top building contractors in the area.

To inquire about their services, contact them or request an estimate, feel free to contact them at any time.


Selecting a reliable contractor, like Trademark Builders, located in Midland, is crucial for a successful project. A reputable contractor guarantees accurate and secure completion of the task, ensuring they are well-versed and knowledgeable in the field.

So, how do you find a reliable contractor? Conduct thorough research to ensure that the contractor possesses the necessary expertise, skills and qualifications for your business or signature remodeling project before hiring them.

The advantages of engaging a respected contractor are numerous, including high-quality workmanship, safety, and assurance that the job will be completed correctly, meeting all your construction needs. On the other hand, engaging an unreliable contractor can lead to unsatisfactory results, wasted time, and potential risks.

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Midland TX Kitchen Remodeling


Your roof is the number one defense against the elements which is why it’s so important to have a strong roofing system. A roof that is well intact will keep you, your family, and your belongings protected from the elements. However, there are sometimes when you may need roofing repairs to protect the integrity of the residential roofing system. If these repairs go uncompleted, as they are sometimes out of sight and out of mind, it could cost homeowners a lot of money as well as lead to the need for full roof replacements. At Trademark Builders, serving the Midland and Odessa, TX areas, we will come out and inspect your roof and provide you with the best solution to ensure your roofing system is working efficiently. If roofing repairs are needed, our team can help get them fixed in a timely manner. For more information or to schedule services, please contact us today.


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Trademark Builders has been serving the local community for over 30 years. Nothing beats experience and lifelong knowledge.




Need new home construction in Midland, Texas? We’ve got you covered, a Trademark Builders you might say we’re a new home construction company with how many new homes we’ve built in the area. New home construction is a popular service, allowing you to design, plan, and construct your dream home from the ground up. To ensure the highest standards for your new home, it is essential to choose a reliable contractor with a proven track record in residential, in the Midland area.

Constructing a new home gives you the advantage of:

  • Customizing it to your exact specifications
  • Selecting the desired materials and features
  • Ensuring that the construction meets the highest standards, including a perfect kitchen remodel.

When selecting a contractor for new home construction, consider the following:

  • Evaluate their experience, reputation, and references.
  • Ensure they possess the appropriate licensing and insurance.
  • Look for top general contractors near Midland Dr.

The steps typically involved in new home construction include:

  1. Designing and planning the home
  2. Selecting materials and features
  3. Constructing the home
  4. Completing the project

Trusting the right contractor ensures a smooth residential renovation journey from envisioning your dream home to moving in, with high quality work guaranteed.

Midland New Home Construction


In and around Midland, comprehensive home remodeling services and renovations are available to revamp your living spaces and enhance your quality of life. Selecting a reputable contractor for your remodeling project is vital, as they possess the necessary licenses and insurance to safeguard against potential liabilities. To get in touch with a local contractor, visit their website, contact them or give them a call to discuss your remodeling needs.

From new home construction to bathroom and kitchen remodeling, floor installation, home additions, and outdoor kitchens, Trademark Builders offers a wide range of services tailored to your specific construction needs here. Let’s delve deeper into some of these services.


Trademark Builders has handled the Midland Bathroom Remodeling market for years with our professional general contractors. Our professional bathroom remodeling services, including design and installation. Choosing a reputable contractor for bathroom remodeling jobs is crucial, as they possess the expertise and proficiency to guarantee the task is completed properly and securely. The procedure for bathroom remodeling generally includes evaluating the current space, designing a new configuration, selecting materials, and then installing the necessary fixtures and finishes. The advantages of bathroom remodeling include increased comfort, enhanced functionality, and heightened home value.
Bathroom Remodeling in Midland, TX
Midland TX Kitchen Remodeling


Homeowners can benefit from kitchen remodeling services in Midland specifically tailored to their needs, provided by Trademark Builders. The procedure for kitchen remodeling jobs typically entails designing the layout of the kitchen, selecting materials and fixtures, and then installing them.

Kitchen remodeling can enhance the value of your home, optimize the functionality of your kitchen, and make it more visually appealing. The cost of kitchen remodeling can vary depending on the size of the kitchen, the materials used, and the complexity of the project.

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High-quality flooring installation in Midland Texas, with options including:
  • Hardwood flooring
  • Laminate flooring
  • Tile flooring
  • Vinyl flooring
Selecting a reputable contractor for floor installation comes with the advantage of having access to their experience and expertise, ensuring that the job is completed correctly and to the highest standards. The procedure for floor installation typically entails:
  1. Measuring the space
  2. Readying the subfloor
  3. Placing the flooring
  4. Completing the project
With the right contractor on the job site, you can be confident that your new floors will be installed perfectly and built to last.
Floor Installation in Midland, TX
Texas Home Additions


Do you have a house in Midland in need a new addition or mother in law suite? Our home addition services in Texas can expand your living spaces, offering options such as sunrooms, decks, patios, garages, and room extensions. The procedure for adding a home addition usually involves obtaining the required permits, designing the addition, and constructing the addition. Constructing a home addition can boost the value of your house or residence, provide extra living space, and enhance the general aesthetic of your house or property. Popular home additions include sunrooms, decks, patios, garages, and room extensions.


Creating a stunning outdoor kitchen for Midland residents involves:

  • Measuring the space
  • Designing the layout
  • Installing the necessary components, such as a grill, sink, under-counter refrigerator, appliances, amenities, work surfaces, and layout arrangement options

Outdoor kitchens offer the owner an ideal setting for entertaining, as well as a convenient way to cook and prepare meals. Moreover, they can add value to your home and be tailored to suit your style and requirements.



For those home builders in Midland, we have compiled a list of frequently asked questions and answers to help you make an informed decision. These questions address in detail the range of services provided by local general contractors in Midland & Odessa TX.

When selecting a contractor, it is important for customers to consider in detail their experience, reputation, and customer service, as well as the popular services they offer.


A GC or General Contractor helps put all the right professionals on the job. If you need painting recommendations or bathroom remodeling recommendations a general contractor will schedule the right team so you can come in under your budget or within your budget.

Yes, our contractors love working with customers in Odessa TX and Midland Texas. Schedule a consultation with our crew today.

Our general contractors provide services to customers throughout Midland Texas and Odessa Texas. We cover the follow zip codes: 79701, 79702, 79703, 79704, 79705, 79707, 79708, 79711, 79760, 79761, 79762, 79763, 79764, 79765, 79768 and 79769.

We also serve the following neighborhoods: Briarwood, Grassland Estates, Grassland Estates West, Greathouse Homes, Greenwood, Heritage Oaks, Mockingbird Heights, Mockingbird Oaks, Polo Park, & Saddle Club.

Our local general contractor in Midland & Odessa TX provides specialized services in residential and commercial construction and remodeling, as well as home additions.

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